Easy and Candice make an unlikely pairing
Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra by Georgette Kaplan

Easy and Candice make an unlikely pairing

Review of Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra by Georgette Kaplan, audiobook narrated by Abby Craden

This is book two of The Cushing-Nevada Chronicles which is now complete on audio, all narrated by Abby Craden. The story follows Easy Nevada, an American treasure hunter, and Candice Cushing, a British archaeologist, who are searching for a collection of crystal skulls located in northern Africa.


This book starts right after book one, so it’s highly recommendable that you read them in order and in a short time scope as there are a few details that, if you are like me, you won’t remember. I have to warn readers that this book ends in a cliffhanger and continues in the last installment of the series You, Me and the Sunken Treasure.

I have read a few books by this author and I have to admit that her writing style might not fit everyone. Her books normally have a good dose of humour, one-liner jokes and they are big on the pop culture references. As a foreigner I got lost on a few, but nothing that Google couldn’t answer.

This series is also heavy on the action side, which I loved, but very low on the romance. However, what lacks in romance is full of chemistry, wit, and banter. It makes sense as the characters are in constant movement and danger. As my fellow reviewer Lex put it, this series is a combination of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. If you like those, you’d surely enjoy this lesbian version of those two.

The audiobook is narrated by Abby Craden who, like in book one, does a very good job. Her comedic timing is impeccable and she keeps up really well with the neck-breaking speed of the action scenes. I’m glad that Ms. Craden got to narrate the full series as you can listen to one book after the other without fear of losing consistency.

Overall, a very good lesbian adventure series full of entertainment, action, and humour. 4.5 stars.

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Length: 7 hours, 8 minutes

Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra by Georgette Kaplan


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