Chasing Dreams by A.L. Brooks

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Chasing Dreams by A.L. Brooks

Chasing Dreams by A.L. Brooks

Chase your dreams from the big city to small-town life

Chasing Dreams should not only be just a feel-good romance book, but we all should try to make at least one or two dreams come true.


Claire Pressley, a venture capitalist in New York, wants to break free from her stressful job and life and make her dream come true to have a homestead far away in a rural place. In Eagle Cove, a little town, she finds just the right property. But it is a big step from the anonymity of New York and her business life, to Eagle Cove where life is slow, everyone knows everyone, and the rumor mill is always bubbling. She quickly realizes that winning the hearts of the residents is not an easy task.

Ruby, the town librarian, has had her eye on the Pruitt’s homestead for several years, but when the business lady from the big city snatches the property from under her nose, she is crushed. How is she supposed to realize her dream of an animal shelter now that there is no suitable property available nearby? For the time being, she takes out her anger and frustration on Claire, which is easier than keeping her own mistakes in mind. In the beginning, Ruby acts a bit like a spoiled child who doesn’t get her favorite toy. The anger is understandable but self-inflicted. But soon she shows her true caring self.

I really liked the heartwarming scenes when Claire experiences a family reunion for the first time in her life where affection and loving interactions are the most important thing, not status and appearance. Slowly she realizes what she could gain here, it looks like winning the lottery if she only dares. I could also feel Ruby’s fear and insecurity about her growing attraction and feelings for Claire, not sure if it would be better to just be friends or if risking her heart will be worth it. What if after a short time Claire will have enough of small-town life and will follow the call of the big city with the lights and entertainment and leave? The romance is slow-burn despite a rather fast-paced beginning. Baggage of past relationships and experiences hold them back.

There is also an important and beautiful side story concerning Ned, Ruby’s grandfather. He worries about the farm, and how it will go on when he can no longer do the work. He doesn’t think his two grandchildren will want to keep it going. Also, health is a bitch demanding that he cuts back and leaves the heavy farm work to helping hands. Letting go without feeling useless afterward is easier said than done. It’s endearing how grandchildren Ruby and Wayne take care of him, as it should be, although sometimes it’s hard especially when difficult conversations are necessary.

There are some more important secondary characters, and a lot of animals to love and laugh about their antics. Some of them are rather extraordinary pets.

This is an entertaining romance with loveable characters, without much drama and no artificial breakup at 80 %. Recommended to romance fans.

Thanks to YlvaPublishing for providing an ARC for an honest review.

Chasing Dreams by A.L. BrooksChasing Dreams by A.L. Brooks

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