Cherry on Top by Georgia Beers, narrated by Lula Larkin
Cherry on Top by Georgia Beers

Cherry on Top by Georgia Beers, narrated by Lula Larkin

A hot romance with some food for thought

Georgia Beers is the author of more than forty Sapphic novels and a trailblazer in the genre. Her romances always portray multilayered characters, strong chemistry and sizzling sex scenes. Cherry on top is no exception.


Cherry Davis is a part-time influencer who dreams of growing her followers base, it doesn’t matter if on her way to cyber fame she presents a filtered version of herself. Ellis Conrad wants to achieve great things as a journalist but she’s stuck with a part-time job as a writer for a less than reputable online site. When both women meet, they feel an instant attraction that eventually develops into much more. But will they be able to find their happily ever after if there are secrets and almost irreconcilable differences between them?

Cherry on top is a hot romance with some food for thought. The title and cover suggest a levity that this book only partially has. Ms. Beers describes why social media is such a controversial issue and through her characters, she shows us its positives but especially its negatives. For example, how people try to present an ideal image of themselves that is far from reality, how this relates to a filtered body image they try to stage, and the serious matter of cyberbullying.

As usual, Ms. Beers creates strong chemistry between the mains and makes their instant attraction credible and hot. Cherry is a controversial character, she embodies and represents how some people use social media. She’s had a tough life and it shows in her struggles. Even though many people won’t agree with her choices, the magic of Georgia Beers’s writing will possibly make the readers understand and empathise with her inner conflict.

Reading this book is like watching a car going full speed towards a cliff, you know what’s coming but you can’t stop looking. Cherry’s life choices have inevitable consequences for her budding relationship with Ellis so much so that you’ll want to knock some sense into her. Ellis seems too good to be true but somehow Ms. Beers manages to make their relationship woes feel realistic. I always appreciate that in a novel.

The audiobook version is narrated by Lula Larkin who did a very good job. She brings the perfect mood and tone to each scene. Her performance of the deep emotional moments, as well as the lighter ones, is spot on. Ms. Larkin brings the story to life and makes the written words even better. 4.5 stars.

Length: 9 hrs and 7 mins

Cherry on Top by Georgia BeersCherry on Top by Georgia Beers

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