Christmas at Rainbow Falls by TB Markinson & Miranda MacLeod

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Christmas at Rainbow Falls by TB Markinson

Christmas at Rainbow Falls by TB Markinson & Miranda MacLeod

A Happy Holiday Season Novella

TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod are a well-rehearsed team. They have found the recipe to create entertaining, humorous romances with lovable, often quirky characters that we cannot help but love and identify with. They are not superwomen or heroes, but people like you and me.


For Natalie Dunbar, inheriting her Aunt Pam’s house came at just the right time. After a PR disaster for her biggest client, which was her fault, she is practically forced to take her vacation. That’s why she personally goes to Rainbow Falls, which she still has fond memories of from her childhood. Especially at Christmas time, the small town always looked like a fairy tale world, because the whole main street was beautifully decorated. But when she reaches the town, it is quite different from what she remembers, sleepy and a little run down. The house she inherited, actually she has inherited half of a house, is also an exceptional property.

Celeste Wagner is the owner of Rainbow Sprinkles Bakery. She still misses her mother, whom she lost less than a year ago. She took over the bakery from her, which they had previously run together. But in fact, she wants nothing more than to leave. She just has to convince her new neighbor to sell her part of the house, which shouldn’t be too difficult, since she’s from the big city herself and can hardly feel at home in such a small town.

But the Christmas elves and their helpers have other ideas.

Although Natalie’s self-confidence has taken a right hit, she tries to get Pam’s bookstore back on track. But it is not that easy. The grumpy neighbor Celeste isn’t much help, and the special living arrangement and Celeste’s rules don’t help either. As the icing on the cake, bad luck also has a hand in the game. Not the best conditions for successful businesses and friendships – or more.

Celeste is unhappy, a bit harsh, and wants to move to New York as soon as possible. But after a costly problem with the house, she has to team up with Natalie to make the building attractive for a possible buyer again. On the outside, she wears her tough mask as a protective shield, but underneath beats a helpful and caring heart that she hides as well as possible, she doesn’t want to show it to anyone. The only problem? Natalie has the ability to see through her.

A humorous Christmas romance in Hallmark style takes its course. What I liked the most was Celeste’s quirky nature, constant bickering, and teasing, they made me smile often. Also Natalie’s romantic streak, and the dynamic the two develop is heartwarming and entertaining. A charming novella about small-town life and Christmas romance, without drama or angst.

4 ⭐️ Happy Holidays.

ARC was provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

Christmas at Rainbow Falls by TB MarkinsonChristmas at Rainbow Falls by TB Markinson

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