Christmas Mouse by Rachel Spangler

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christmas mouse rachel spangler

Christmas Mouse by Rachel Spangler

A very sweet Christmas romcom

Bex is a successful anesthesiologist who loves the city she lives in – New York –, Christmas, and, above all, Christmas in New York City. Her friend and colleague Howie convinces her to go with him to Vermont for Thanksgiving, where she meets his cousin Ava. Like Bex, Ava loves Christmas. Unlike Bex, she’s not a fan of the city. They challenge each other to prove that their version of Christmas is the best, travelling back and forth between NYC and Vermont, each sharing with the other what she loves the most.


The MCs are both lovely and there are all sorts of funny and loving (with one notable exception) secondary characters. Starry eyes and warm feelings abound and I dare anyone to read this story without wanting at least one mug of hot chocolate.

Christmas Mouse by Rachel SpanglerA classic city girl/country girl romance with Christmas on top, Christmas Mouse is a bit long and heavy-handed at times but all the cuteness and happiness make it a very enjoyable read. When it’s cold and dark outside, I’ll never say no to sweet. 4 stars.

Christmas Mouse by Rachel SpanglerChristmas Mouse by Rachel Spangler

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