'The Chronicles of Dorsa' is a superb lesbian fantasy audiobook

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Chronicles of Dorsa

‘The Chronicles of Dorsa’ is a superb lesbian fantasy audiobook

Review of ‘Soldier of Dorsa’ by Eliza Andrews, Audiobook narrated by Elizabeth Saydah

What an epic lesbian fantasy book series! ‘The Chronicles of Dorsa’ is a combination of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter but with a great lesbian romance thrown in the mix. ‘Soldier of Dorsa’ is book two of the series which I recommend reading/listening in order. It’s not an imposition as it’s action-packed, entertaining, and thrilling.


The Four Realms are under attack by the Shadowlands in a war between light and darkness. As the war brews, the Empress is in exile trying to gather support to regain the crown. But with so many interests in play, it’s hard to know whom to trust. Only her trusted guard Joslyn can help her win this war if she can revert the pact she made with the Prince of Shadows.

Ms. Andrews said in her blog that she felt she rushed ‘Soldier of Dorsa’ and if she had more time, it might have been better. I agree that maybe some parts could have been trimmed but the power struggles and the fast action keep you turning the pages. I wish there was more romance but I guess that the author is reserving that for book three and final, ‘Empress of Dorsa’.

The audiobook version was narrated by Elizabeth Saydah who also narrated book one, ‘Princess of Dorsa’. Once again, this was a fantastic performance. I’m in awe of Ms. Saydah’s ability to perform so many different voices with distinctive tone and accents, both equally outstanding for male and female characters. Her performance of the vast range of emotions described in this novel is fantastic and makes the listener see the story unfold in their mind’s eye. The audio version makes the book shine even more. 5 stars.

At a length of 21 hrs and 45 mins, if you use an Audible credit, you’ll get a lot of listening entertainment for your money.

chronicles of dorsachronicles of dorsa

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