An entertaining city country girl romance book

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City country girl romance book

An entertaining city country girl romance book

'A taste of love' by Clare Lydon is an entertaining, flavoursome and love-filled city country girl romance book.

Review of ‘A taste of love’ by Clare Lydon.

Natalie Hill works at her aunt’s gin distillery based in the Cotswolds and is convinced she’ll remain single forever. That is until newly-arrived city-slicker Ellie Knap opens an ice-cream parlour in front of Natalie’s shop. Ellie is hard to resist with her tall, dark good looks and her exquisite ice creams flavours, but Natalie fears that Ellie’s stay in the Cotswolds won’t be permanent. Will they have a happily ever after?


This is book 2 of ‘The Village Romance’ series of three romance novels by T.B. Markinson, Clare Lydon and Harper Bliss set around a small town in the Cotswolds, England. Even though the main characters in each novel make an appearance in the others, each story is completely independent of the other two and can be read as standalone. Having said that, ‘A taste of love’ reveals a bit of TB Markinson’s ‘A shot at love’, so I recommend to read that one first. As a matter of fact, I recommend reading the three books because they are all equally enjoyable.

‘A taste of love’ presents three of my favourite things in life: love, gin and ice cream! Let me warn you that it’s hard to avoid temptation with so many references of ice cream flavours, some classic and others very innovative. The gin tasting scene had my mouth watering and the romance is classic Clare Lydon: funny, witty and hot.

This novel goes beyond the romance to also depict family relationships and life in a small community. I particularly enjoyed the secondary plot that highlights the relationship between Natalie and her father in which the author throws an unexpected twist. All secondary characters are well written and make the small town come alive in front of the readers’ eyes. As usual, Ms. Lydon delivers an authentically English, banter-filled, hot romance.

Overall, an entertaining, flavoursome and love-filled city country girl romance book. 4.5 stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

city country girl romance bookcity country girl romance book

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