A good read with consistent pace and a decent romance

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Closeness by YL Wigman

A good read with consistent pace and a decent romance

Review of Closeness by YL Wigman

This was a pretty good read. I wasn’t blown away by it, but it kept my attention and I enjoyed it. It had a good consistent pace, some interesting storytelling, and a decent romance. This is my second book by Wigman and this was a much better fit for me than her last book Milgrane: Embracing the Sapphire was.


This story is a bit of a mix with an almost second chance romance (a teenage crush), family drama, some historic fiction, and a teeny-tiny paranormal twist. I almost hesitate to even say paranormal, as it is so slight and almost nonexistent, but it just gives the story a small bit of lovely magic. Most of the story revolves around an unexpected inheritance and the lives that change because of it.

I have to admit that I was a little worried that this was going to be a very slow-paced romance book. I don’t mean slow-burn, I mean slow as in not a lot really happens and doesn’t happen quickly. I’m really happy to say that I was wrong and that there was a good amount of storylines that kept my attention. From battling over wills to the mystery of the house, there always seemed to be something going on that kept me turning the pages.

I think the one thing that didn’t quite work for me was the historical-fiction part. At first, it starts off from some letters and history that is found, but then it changes to some actual flashbacks. On one hand, it was only three chapters that we are in the POV of other characters from the past, but I don’t think that was the right amount. Having 80% of the book take place in current times, made it so I felt like I didn’t know these other characters (in the 20%) as much. I liked learning about them through the old letters and history and I just wish it would be kept at that. Or, if Wigman really wanted a historical-fiction feel, then the book should have felt more 50/50 past and future. I hope I’m making sense, but my point is that I don’t want to be put in the POV of a new character if it will only be for a chapter or two and nothing more. It’s not enough time to really connect to them.

In the end, besides the slight disconnect for me being in the past, the other 80% of the book worked much better for me. It was nicely written with a sweet romance and interesting storylines. This book wasn’t overly gripping or moving, but I liked it. It’s a decent, slightly above-average read and I would read Wigman again. 3.50 Stars.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

Closeness by YL Wigman

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