A very good cops and docs lesbian romance book

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cops and docs lesbian romance book

A very good cops and docs lesbian romance book

Review of ‘Rabbit’ by Max Ellendale

This book is set in the same universe as the ‘Four Point Trilogy’ but it’s a standalone romance with a bit of action at the side. I haven’t read the trilogy but didn’t feel like I missed that much. As a matter of fact, the author recently stated in an interview that she recommended readers who haven’t read her novels to start with this one (The Lesbian Book Club with Clare Lydon podcast,).


Alice Lange is a Bias Crimes Detective who is very guarded with the matters of the heart. When she ends up in a hospital emergency room after a clash with a hate crime group, she meets Dr. Stella Corwin, another guarded but gentle soul. It is obvious that they are attracted to each other but will they be able to go past their own emotional baggage and give love a chance?

‘Rabbit’ has been on my ‘To Be Read’ list for a long time due to the good reviews and its weird title for a romance. It seems the title comes from Alice’s habit of being late, like the rabbit in ‘Alice in Wonderland’. This is a cops and docs lesbian romance book but the blurb isn’t too specific on what to expect. I have to give a trigger warning that this book makes references to rape as short non-explicit flashbacks scenes. There are some good action scenes and a bit of a police investigation but the main focus is on the romance.

Written in first person from the exclusive point of view of Alice, the reader can follow her struggle with her love life and her career. I liked the character building, Ms. Ellendale writes complex characters, vulnerable and sweet, who struggle to find their way in life. The chemistry between the main characters is built slowly but surely at an unhurried pace that makes it feel realistic as both leads have difficult inner struggles to overcome.

The cast of secondary characters is also well written and help discover Alice’s personality in all its different expressions. Having said that, I felt that some of Alice’s interactions with them, especially at the beginning, were a bit odd and forced. After a few chapters, my sensation disappeared and I was able to enjoy the story a lot.

Overall, a very good lesbian cops and docs romance book with a bit of action at the side. 4 stars.

Available on Kindle Unlimited.

cops and docs lesbian romance bookcops and docs lesbian romance book


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2 thoughts on “A very good cops and docs lesbian romance book”

  1. The first three books are ones you can’t put down — rabbit was very good but four points and the two after plus Anita are 5 plus stars… just maybe don’t start 4 points at night.

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