Dance with me by Georgia Beers
Dance with me by Georgia Beers

Dance with me by Georgia Beers

An enjoyable light read

Dance With Me brought back many memories of nine years of regularly dancing with my wife. I could relate to a lot of it and often smiled at the little awkwardnesses we also experienced, but also at the many wonderful hours we spent floating – or rocking – across the dance floor.


The book is in the usual Beers style, low-angst, low drama but very entertaining, however, in my humble opinion it is not her best.

Scottie (34) and Marisa (36), the two MCs, are likable, down-to-earth women both still suffering from past heartbreaks. Through unexpected circumstances, the two women become dance partners, which normally wouldn’t be a problem, but the fact that Marisa is her ex’s ex makes the whole thing totally weird – and amusing for the reader. Those who dance themselves know how almost intimate dancing can be, especially Salsa, Ooh La La! hot. It doesn’t take long until the sparks fly, and not only on the dance floor. An amusing and entertaining romance takes its course. There are a few small obstacles to overcome, but they don’t prove to be very difficult.

The story is told from Scottie’s point of view, which works quite well, but I would have liked to know a bit more from and about Marisa, which is not possible with this narration. The secondary characters were consequently also mainly from Scottie’s side, but they were a great bunch of friends. I loved the scenes in the hair salon and the chatter with her best friends Bash and Demi. Plus a friend like Adley with her ice cream store is all anyone can ask for (even without ice cream).

What bothered me a bit was that Scottie and Marisa kept mentioning that the situation was weird in the first few weeks, but they never really talked about it. That was a little too repetitive for me.

Overall an enjoyable light read, right for a lazy weekend.3.75⭐️

Thanks to Bold Strokes Books and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Dance with me by Georgia BeersDance with me by Georgia Beers

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