An angsty romance in the middle of a gore-fest

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Dead Lez Walking by G. Benson

An angsty romance in the middle of a gore-fest

Review of Dead Lez Walking by G. Benson

Whenever someone recommends a book to me, my first question is always, “Are there zombies in it?” If the answer is no and unfortunately, it usually is, then I have to think about it. When this author announced on social media that she was working on a Z book, I believe I hollered. I’ve read or listened to Who’d Have Thought about 10 times and it contains one of my favorite Latina characters so the combination of a trusted author with the zombie storyline had me beyond giddy.


Taren Makumbe and her friend Xin are clinical nurses stationed in the Emergency Room and are accustomed to wild, gruesome scenes. That’s the nature of the ED/A&E. But when a virulent infection enters their hospital via the body of a scientist, no one is ready for the hell that is coming. The author shows no mercy so try not to get attached to anyone. Bodies reanimate in a blink of an eye, very fast, very strong and they keep coming. No lumbering undead here. Meanwhile, Dr. Joy Ayton, a vascular surgeon, also Taren’s ex, is about to join the fight and when she does, the story becomes beautifully awkward because the author’s got an angsty romance in the middle of a gore-fest. Taren and Joy banter away while zombies try to eat both of them and it’s very amusing plus a bit hot.

Each chapter is in the pov of a different character, all from various countries and who identify in different ways. It’s reminiscent of the kaleidoscope of people who work in healthcare in real life which was nice to see. They join forces and battle for their lives, leaving you wide-eyed and anxious till the bitter end. Dead Lez Walking is a crazy train searing its way down greased tracks and if you’re even remotely into the thrill of roller coasters or haunted houses, read it.

There are some tiny moments in the story that sting because of last year(2020) but it also feels damn good to read how the heroes stomp the mess out of the zombies (virus).

4.5 stars

Dead Lez Walking by G Benson

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