Destination You by JJ Arias
Destination You by JJ Arias

Destination You by JJ Arias

A perfect book

Now and again, as a reader, I happen upon a perfect book, one in which the author promises something and then exceeds expectations. Destination You is one of them.


Taylor is heading home to Miami for her 10th High School reunion. She is waiting at the New York airport for her flight when she spots Dr. Raquel Alonso, the history teacher that Taylor crushed on back in her school days. Raquel is also attending the same reunion to accept an award. The first thing I loved about this book is that the characters meet right at the beginning. Their lunch together serves as a flirty but respectful reintroduction. I feel like this establishes that the characters are now both adults, single, and heading for a fun and sun weekend. No reason to hold back.

The first half of the book is the power weekend of all power weekends. Of course, there are cheesy school activities with old friends but most of the time, Taylor and Raquel spend day and night in sex-drenching escapades, every time a new scenario. This author is known for her heat and the scenes in Miami are scorchers. Half a book’s worth.

The second half of the book, reality sets in as Taylor goes home to NYC and Raquel to Vermont. The story then expands into a beautiful romance between the two women. They navigate the ins and outs of their long-distance relationship, gradually learning to trust and to be vulnerable. To accept love and to want to stay still for one another. Of course, this is still JJ Arias so the windows are getting steamed aplenty in Vermont.

I love the light touches of the characters being Latinas. Also, the Guava Flavored Lies Easter egg made me scream. Thank you to all the GR friends who encouraged me to read asap.

Destination You by JJ AriasDestination You by JJ Arias

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