There are so few dystopian WLW books around that you don’t want to miss this
dystopian WLW books

There are so few dystopian WLW books around that you don’t want to miss this

Review of ‘Renegade’s War’ by Gun Brooke

This was a fun read. I’m a pretty big fan of Brooke. I think I have read around 16 of her books and I’m always excited when she puts out a new release. I really like that Brooke bounces around between plain romance and spec-fic with romance. Brooke is one of the few lesfic authors who write a lot of sci-fi which I really appreciate. But I was even more excited about this book than I am about her sci-fi books because this was dystopian instead.


I love a good dystopian story but they are just as rare if not rarer than a post-apocalyptic story in lesfic. While these two categories are way too uncommon, we are lucky that the few we get are normally really entertaining. I’m happy to say that I had a lot of fun with this one.

This book reads really well. When Brooke is on a roll you don’t even notice the time and before you know it the book is over and you stayed up way too late. This is a pretty quick read already, but the nice fast pace just makes the book fly by even more. I meant to only read a few chapters before bed but instead, I finished the whole thing because I did not want to stop.

I really liked the premise about an underground group of people helping others to cross into the country next door which represents freedom. I also liked the amnesia plot. I don’t know what it is but I always love a good amnesia plot. I like that we learn about the character as she learns about herself. We don’t know if she is there to help or hurt the other characters which added a wonderful level of tension throughout the whole story.

I was also a fan of the sweet romance. While it moves a little quickly, and with so much else going on the romance is not the star of the book, I still felt it was sweet and enjoyable anyway. I really liked the characters and was hoping for a HEA so I found myself forgiving a few bumps that might have bothered me a little bit normally. I just had fun reading this and I was completely entertained. When I’m like that I’m just not as critical because I am enjoying myself.

If you are a Brooke fan or a dystopian fan I would recommend this. There are so few dystopian WLW books around that you don’t want to miss this. This book was a lot of excitement mixed with a little sweet that just made me happy. This was good entertainment and I hope we don’t have to wait long for Brooke’s next book.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

dystopian WLW booksdystopian WLW books

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