An easy and entertaining listen
Easy Nevada and the pyramid's curse by Georgette Kaplan

An easy and entertaining listen

Review of Easy Nevada and the pyramid’s curse by Georgette Kaplan, audiobook narrated by Abby Craden

This book is part one of The Cushing-Nevada Chronicles series which is now completed on audio all narrated by Abby Craden. These books should be read/listen to in chronological order as each picks up where the previous left. The story follows the adventures of archaeologist Dr. Candice Cushing and maverick treasure hunter Easy Nevada. They are both interested in digging the secrets of a mysterious pyramid in Sudan: Candice for widening the country’s heritage, Easy for her own materialistic interests. As a group of religious extremists gets involved in the hunt, both women become unlikely allies to try to unearth the pyramid’s secrets without dying in the process.


To say that this is an action book is a huge understatement. Wild adventure, crazy non-stop action and characters constantly on the move is a better definition. The author plays with the opposites well: Candice is a mixed-race, Sudanese-British archaeologist, allegedly straight and eager to play by the rules, while Easy is white, American, lesbian, womaniser and daredevil. Both characters’ voices are well developed and distinctive. As scene after scene of dangerous adventures goes by, Candice teaches Easy world history while Easy teaches Candice extreme banter and her skills in handling weapons.

“If you were my student, I’d fail you,” Candice muttered to the retreating back. Ahead, the floor had caved, leaving a four-foot gap. Nevada cleared it in one jump. “If you were my professor, I’d sleep with you and get a good grade.” (Chapter 6)

Their chemistry builds up slowly but surely and even though there’s no time for many romantic developments in this book, there’s a promise of more in the next one Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra. Despite that, there is lots and lots of banter mixed amongst all the action.

The story is written from different point of views, including the villains, but mainly focuses on both main characters. Although there is a partial resolution of the plot, the whole adventure is not finished until the end of book three You, Me, and the Sunken Treasure. Prepare to commit to read/listen to the whole series, which is not a hardship as it’s really entertaining, a bit like watching an Indiana Jones movie. Coincidentally, that’s how Candice describes Easy:

“… Indiana Jane!”

“Indiana Jane… how old are you? If anything, I’m Lara Croft.”

As a matter of fact, both descriptors are quite accurate, Easy Nevada seems like a mix of both characters with a bit more sassiness and irreverence.

Abby Craden narrated the whole series and did an amazing job. I wasn’t aware of her comedic timing (I’m more used to her narrating drama and romance) but she was spot on in delivering all of Kaplan’s fantastic one-liners. Ms. Craden seems at ease (no pun intended) in keeping up with the breakneck speed pace of this story along with the very different accents (Nevada’s American, Candice British, Jacques’s French) which sounded fine. It brings the story to life and audiobook fans will be happy with this series.

Overall, an action-packed thriller filled with witty dialogues and very good narration. 4.5 stars.

Length: 6 hours and 42 minutes

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Easy Nevada and the pyramid's curse by Georgette Kaplan


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