Empress of Dorsa by Eliza Andrews, narrated by Elizabeth Saydah

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Empress of Dorsa by Eliza Andrews

Empress of Dorsa by Eliza Andrews, narrated by Elizabeth Saydah

This book has my brain on fire

I just finished Empress of Dorsa and the book has my brain on fire. I’ve got a million thoughts about it. My friend, Carrie K (aka bookvark) advised me to hurry and read because it was something special so I restarted the series and finally completed Book 3.


Natasia, the Empress of Dorsa has decided to personally lead her armies to fight the Mountain Men and the Deathless King, the goal being to defeat the enemies once and for all. Joslyn, Tasia’s love, is now the Commander of all Dorsa forces. Young Linna is still riding with them but the Empress has also recruited a pirate named Akella who is both crafty and charming. A criminal and a hell of a sea captain who has seen the city of the Deathless King, Persopos, and lived to tell about it. Their perilous journey will take them over land and sea.

Empress of Dorsa is not a standalone book but the series is amazing and well worth the read. The physical world-building is intricate, the topography is flush with forests, deserts, the sea, mountains, and even bejeweled underground caves. I also love the various kinds of people, some gifted in the shadow arts, others who are stealthy warriors. I was giddy every time the narrator voiced dialogue. The accents and intonation are phenomenal. It sounds more like dozens of narrators instead of one very talented one. By accent alone, I had begun to recognize from what land the character came from or if it was one of my favorites like Akella from the Adessian Islands who was speaking.

So much of the book stands out but the author’s strength is the writing of relationships whether it’s friendships, mentorships, or two people falling in love. No two connections are the same but the dynamic between the characters is always authentic and head-turning. I felt compelled to be in the moment whether Tasia and Joslyn were being passionate, Akella and Megs were bantering, or Joslyn was training Linna. It’s an absolute wonder to read the interactions and ultimately how the characters evolve and dictate the narrative, some of which will have your heart in your throat. War battles, assassins, and magical fights are plentiful.

I won’t talk too much about the ending but I will say that I wished for something different. Just my own preference. Also, I am pining for more Akella, Megs, and Linna.

I purchased the ebook but thank you to the author for a copy of the audiobook.

Empress of Dorsa by Eliza AndrewsEmpress of Dorsa by Eliza Andrews

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