Every Version by Bryce Oakley

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Every Version by Bryce Oakley

Every Version by Bryce Oakley

This was a sweet and cute read

Due to time restrictions, I’m not sure how many books in the I Heart Sapphfic Pride Collection I will have time to read. I like 7 out of the 8 authors so it’s not an easy choice at all. I decided the best way to go was to read the books of authors that I have the best track record with so I decided on Oakley, Bexley, and Cass –when I’m ready for an angst sandwich-. Oakley and Bexley write books that make me feel good and they have a similar fun-to-read style –which may be why they collaborate together sometimes-. It just so happens that I have been reading books lately that have been heavier than expected. They were books with triggering content that affected my mood so I think starting off this Pride collection with Oakley was just the right feel-good balance that I needed to restore my reading self.


I won’t make this a long review since this is a novella and one is not needed, but I did want to warn people that I thought the blurb gives a little too much away. The first paragraph –on the books page- that says this is about Queer Prom, is fine to read. However, the second paragraph gives too much about the romance away so I would personally suggest not reading that part. I did not read it so the way the love story unfolded was a complete surprise for me. You read about the main character but you are not sure who their love interest might end up being. This is rare in a romance, the not knowing at first, but it ended up being fun. You will figure it out pretty early on, but it did take me a second to realize who it would be and I liked how Oakley chose to write it. If you are looking for a sweet, feel-good romance novella with only a dash of angst and perfect for Pride month, give this novella a try. 3.75 Stars.

Every Version by Bryce OakleyEvery Version by Bryce Oakley

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