From Fan to Forever by Tiana Warner, narrated by Anastasia Watley
From Fan to Forever by Tiana Warner

From Fan to Forever by Tiana Warner, narrated by Anastasia Watley

A sweet celebrity age-gap romance

Rachel Janssen is an introverted medical physics student who has a crush on celebrity actress Cate Whitley. When a chance encounter gets them together, Rachel is hopeless against Cate’s charm. But will Rachel be able to handle the reality of dating a superstar?


This is an age-gap, celebrity romance that could possibly be read as Cate Blanchett fanfic. If you are a lesbian and have a pulse, you probably have a celebrity crush on the Australian actress who seems to know this and feeds this lesbian fantasy every time she has the chance (if you have doubts, don’t take my word, just watch her films Carol and Tár).

I normally don’t like characters in books that are carbon copies of well-known people because I can’t help projecting my assumptions about the real-life person in the character. But, after a while, I got used to my mental image and I really enjoyed the sweet, almost perfect Cate Whitney and, as with the celebrity, I developed a crush on the character as well.

Together, both characters have great chemistry and their relationship is hot. I found that Rachel was the better-developed character of the two, maybe because it had to be built from scratch instead of being based on someone real. Her hangups of being linked to a famous person felt very real and you cannot help but empathize with her struggles.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Anastasia Watley who makes every story sound so much better. I think a lot of my enjoyment of From Fan to Forever came from her portrayal of Cate and the mental images her voice inspired. Ms. Watley knows how to convey all the emotions and feels into a story and is one of my go-to narrators.

If you are looking for a celebrity age gap romance with low angst and great chemistry, this one is for you. 4 stars.

Available in Scribd

Length: 7 hrs and 35 mins

From Fan to Forever by Tiana WarnerFrom Fan to Forever by Tiana Warner


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