Fury by Jen Lawrence

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Fury by Jen Lawrence

Fury by Jen Lawrence

I’m totally in love with these worlds

As good as Guardian is, Fury is next level. Lawrence must have been writing on the sly for a very long time because this book rolls along at a comforting pace as a tale told long into the night by a trusted friend. No glitches, no bumps, just the patient revealing of someone’s story.


Shay arrives at her grandmother’s farm in Nyx. She is between jobs and homes so a temporary stay with the family seems like a logical decision. It’s been a minute since she connected with anyone but she doesn’t seem particularly bothered by this fact and her grandmother is ecstatic regardless. When Shay arrives, there is a surprise waiting for her, August, the new Apiary Manager, seems to have entrenched herself in the farm’s business and in Grandmère Ellie’s heart. Slight animosity, suspicion, and an undercurrent of attraction fill their first days together until they gradually get to know each other.

The first part of the book is an amazing treat if you love character development. Shay, August, and Ellie are drawn up honestly and lovingly. Beautiful work by the author, the interactions, the banter, the dynamics of body language. It’s all so good. Then in a heady rush, the author shifts gears and takes wild left turns. No details here because of spoilers but it’s a great ride involving action and sexy mains.

Fury does happen in the same universe as Guardian so there is a definite connection and a Fantasy setting. You can read each one as a stand-alone or read both in any order. I’m totally in love with these worlds and hope more books are coming soon as well as audio.

Fury by Jen LawrenceFury by Jen Lawrence

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