Good Spin by Monica McCallan, narrated by Lori Prince

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Good Spin by Monica McCallan

Good Spin by Monica McCallan, narrated by Lori Prince

An enjoyable listen

Tantor audio is releasing all the back catalogue by Monica McCallan, narrated by Lori Prince and slowly but surely I’m going through it as I like both the author and narrator.


When public relations expert Emery Bates is invited to the wedding of an old college friend, she wants to take a fake girlfriend to make it easier to come out to her group of friends. When her next-door neighbour Jordan Davis ends up single weeks before the wedding, Emery invites her to an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii. As both women spend more time together, lines start to blur, secrets unveil and maybe they’ll have a chance to fall in love.

This was a good opposites-attract, fake relationship romance with the beautiful setting of Hawaii. Unlike other fake relationship stories, the main characters aren’t complete strangers, they know each other well enough. As the trip goes by and they start to share time and activities together, they discover that the underlying chemistry they always had begins to grow exponentially.

Good Spin is a slow-burn romance that is written from the point of view of both characters so the reader is privy to all the pining both women do after each other. There is a lot of longing and chemistry that Ms. McCallan writes very well in slow steps until the tension is impossible to deny.

Additionally, there is a lot of character building on both sides as both women are very different from each other. The good thing about this novel is that there is a background story for both leads that justify their actions and personalities. At a point, the book transforms from a fun fake romance to a deeper exploration of the characters’ troubles. I have to admit that, for me, Emily was hard to like and Jordan was too good to be true but their personalities make sense in the context of the story and it’s good to see some character growth.

Lori Prince narrated the audiobook version and once more proves that she’s an ideal match to McCallan’s stories. She shows that she can perform emotional parts as well as lighter ones and this book has both. Overall, an enjoyable listen. 4 stars.

Length: 7 hours, 35 minutes.

Available in Scribd

Good Spin by Monica MccallanGood Spin by Monica Mccallan


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