Hunter by Eliza Lentzski

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Hunter by Eliza Lentzski

Hunter by Eliza Lentzski

Leaving the first for last

I’m an absolute fan of the Winter Jacket series, especially in audiobook format, narrated by the one and only Angela Dawe who does a dreamy voice for Hunter. I was secretly hoping that this book would be released on audio but my hopes were crushed after I asked the author directly and got a negative response. As there isn’t going to be an audiobook for Hunter, I’ve finally decided to read the book. Why did it take me so long?


Hunter Dyson is in her junior year of college facing the big decision of which specialty of nursing she’s going to choose. However, Hunter gets completely distracted by her English writing teacher, the enigmatic but very hot Professor Elle Graft…

This is book 0 of the Winter Jacket series. Unlike the rest of the series (books 1 to 4) which are told from Elle’s point of view, this one is told from Hunter’s. It’s not strictly a prequel (it’s more a “paraquel”) as this novel covers the same events of book 1, Winter Jacket, but it stops in the moment of the story that corresponds to the 37% mark (at the end of chapter 7) of book 1.

I normally recommend reading book series in chronological order but I’m not sure whether to suggest starting from book 0 or, as I did, leaving this book for the end (after all, Ms. Lentzski wrote this book last). I personally loved getting a glimpse of Hunter’s headspace after four novels being told from Elle’s. This was a refreshing approach, which tied some loose ends and helped me see Elle from another perspective. I approached this book in an unconventional way: I read a group of scenes or a chapter, and then listened to the same scenes on the audio of Winter Jacket. It gave me the perspective from both main characters on exactly the same circumstances and also helped me to have their voices fresh in my mind while reading the book. This might not work for everyone but, whichever way you chose to read it, I strongly recommend not to miss this book.

If you’ve read the whole series, then you know that Hunter is a lovable character, mature for her age, and a compassionate person. By being in her headspace you’ll also see her struggles with her career choice, her relationship with her family, and her budding feelings for Elle. It helps you understand the character better. Not only that, but it also shows you how she develops her attraction for Elle, how she sees her, and their miscommunication woes.

I’m really disappointed that there isn’t going to be an audiobook for this novel, I would have loved to hear a bit more of Hunter’s seductive husky tone interpreted by Angela Dawe. 4.5 stars.

Hunter by Eliza Lentzski

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