A chemistry filled romance by Gun Brooke

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Ice Queen by Gun Brooke

A chemistry filled romance by Gun Brooke

Review of Ice Queen by Gun Brooke

This was a chemistry filled romance. I’m a fan of Brooke. I have read around seventeen of her books and the lowest I have ever rated one is 3 stars. I think that really shows what a good author she has been over many years. While her sci-fi type books are my favorite, she knows how to write romance too. One of her romances I had a lot of fun with was her book Coffee Sonata. When I heard that this new book was going to take place in the Coffee Sonata universe, I was really excited to read it. You can read this book without reading Coffee Sonata, or any of the other books in this universe, but it was a real treat to see Mike, Viv, Eryn, and Manon again.


I found this story to be very easy to get into and the pace and flow felt really nice to me. If anything, the book flew by which means I lost track of time since I was enjoying myself. I found myself really interested in the teenage character and what she was going through at school. I think bullying storylines are important and I was anxious to know what happened. While we do eventually find things out, I do wish there was more done to work through and handle the whole situation. There were important discussions that I wanted to see happen and actions I wanted to see taken too. This storyline started so well that I’m disappointed that it wasn’t finished stronger. If it was handled better, this would have been a 4+ star book for me.

When the bullying storyline was kind of dropped, it seemed to be in favor of more romance. The romance started off strong, but for me, the chemistry got even better as the book went on. This is the kind of strong chemistry and obvious spark that I want in my romances. And as other reviews have mentioned, these characters -while they tried to fight it- in the end, they actually communicate together. Communication is so rare in WLW romance that when it actually happens, I’m always happily surprised.

I’m forever a fan of an ice queen character, and some good chemistry, so I’m not surprised to have enjoyed this. I think Brooke thought we would want more attention on the romance, but I do wish she would have stayed strong on the bullying storyline instead. If you have read Coffee Sonata, I would highly recommend reading this one too. If you are new to Brooke, and like romances with good chemistry, I think you will enjoy this one too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get some Brooke sci-fi soon. 3.75 Stars.

Ice Queen by Gun BrookeIce Queen by Gun Brooke

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