One of my favorite Jean Copeland books
Jean Copeland books

One of my favorite Jean Copeland books

Review of ‘One Woman’s Treasure’ by Jean Copeland

This was a good read. In fact, this is right up there with ‘The Ashford Place’ as being my favorite Jean Copeland books. While I did really like this, I am a teeny bit disappointed. To me this book could have been fan-bloody-tastic, there was so much I loved here but it fizzled out some at the end.


This was an interesting romance and not really the norm which I believe is why I liked it so much. The characters take a long time to get together. This is a best friends to lovers romance. It was actually pretty angsty, but the angst wasn’t in your face. The angst was low-key but more constant if that makes any sense. I liked that difference quite a bit. I do need to mention that there is some cheating stuff in here. I would not consider it heavy cheating (I can’t say anything more for spoiler reasons) but it is a part of the story.

I was really happy with the main character of Daphne. I loved that she was a flawed character and not some Hollywood cutout. She was clumsy, had anxiety, and very low self-esteem. There were multiple times I wanted to shake some sense into her but I grew to love her character, faults, and all. I had some mixed feelings about Nina. I thought she crossed the line a bit in some of the things she just did for Daphne, her being pushy, but she was the type of person Daphne needed. Daphne’s growth was tied to her friendship with Nina so that they made a really strong couple.

I was happy with the feel of the story and the nice pace that kept me turning the pages. I enjoyed watching the chemistry build and build between the mains and I was really enjoying Daphne’s character. So much good here but the problem was the ending was a let-down. Something huge happens to Nina, something that affects both mains, but we don’t get to see it. We are just told it happened. That was a real head-scratcher since that would have been some major drama.

Shortly after that, the characters are Uhauling, and then everything possible to make the happiest happily ever after (HEA) is loaded into just a few pages at the end. My head was actually spinning. It felt like Copeland just got sick of the story so she fast-forwarded possibly months of content into a few pages. I’m going to start calling this problem “insta-HEA”. I hate this rushed ending issue and especially here when the book was so good until it happened.

Even with my disappointment, I still would recommend this one. I really liked 90% of the book and I expect others will too. Copeland seems to have found her writing groove and it makes me excited to see what she will write next. I’m just hoping she doesn’t write any more insta-HEA. 3.75 Stars.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

Jean Copeland booksJean Copeland books

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