Kellen's Moment by Robin Alexander, narrated by Lori Prince
Kellen's Moment by Robin Alexander

Kellen’s Moment by Robin Alexander, narrated by Lori Prince

A funny and entertaining rom-com by Robin Alexander

Robin Alexander is the author of more than thirty Sapphic novels, which are gradually being released on audio, mostly narrated by Lori Prince. Kellen’s Moment was originally published in 2018.


Kellen McLin believes in love at first sight, she is adamant that when she meets the love of her life, she’ll feel it instantly, something that she calls her “moment”. But when Kellen’s moment comes, it’s with Stevie Sealy, a member of the Sealy family who are fierce enemies of the McLins.

I’m going to repeat myself in this review but when you start a book by Robin Alexander you know what you are going to find: quirky characters, sweet romances and hilarious situations. Her settings are also typical, normally from her home state of Louisiana. Ms. Alexander is one of those authors who has a distinctive style and who always delivers in terms of entertainment. This one is no exception. The book is full of one-liner jokes and hilarious situations:

“ I’m not really hip to the idea of kids.”

“It’s different when they’re your own. You find a well of patience you didn’t realize was inside of you. I will admit that well does run dry at different times. First are the terrible twos, then pre-teen and, of course, the teen years. By the time the last of your babies is a young adult, your poor well is dry and cracked, but somehow you repair it when the grandkids come along. It helps if you refill it with wine.”

This is a “star-crossed lovers” story (a couple who cannot get together for some external reason), in this case, the cause is a feud between two families, which is a bit unusual in Sapphic fiction, even more in a romantic comedy, but Ms. Alexander pulls it off perfectly. The story deals with the issue of family pressure and expectations and despite the author doesn’t take everything jokingly, she balances the more serious matters with a pinch of humour.

The audiobook version is narrated by Lori Prince whose comedic timing is perfect for the story. I’m happy that most of Robin Alexander’s books are narrated by Ms. Prince as her performances make the stories even more entertaining. This is a perfect summer read/listen. Highly recommended if you are looking for a bit of fun. 4.5 stars.

Length: 7 hours and 28 minutes

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Kellen's Moment by Robin AlexanderKellen's Moment by Robin Alexander


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