Kiss her once for me by Alison Cochrun, narrated by Natalie Naudus
Kiss her once for me by Alison Cochrun

Kiss her once for me by Alison Cochrun, narrated by Natalie Naudus

A perfect Christmas audiobook

It’s that time of the year again to start reading Christmas stories and getting ready to enjoy the Holidays. Listening to this audiobook was like watching a Hallmark movie so, if you are in the mood for a sweet, cute holiday rom-com that will leave you with all the feels, then this one is for you.


One year ago, Ellie Oliver had her dream job in animation and met the woman of her dreams on Christmas Eve. But after a betrayal the next morning and the loss of her job soon after, she finds herself alone, and desperate for money. Now working as a barista, the coffee shop’s landlord, proposes a shocking, drunken plan: a marriage of convenience that will give him his recent inheritance and alleviate Ellie’s financial woes and isolation. They agree to spend the holidays together with his family but Ellie is shocked to discover his sister is the woman she fell for the previous Christmas…

This is a very enjoyable, sometimes funny, others emotional, fake relationship romance set during the holidays. If you are looking for a Christmas read, search no more. This story shows what the holidays are all about: spending time with family and celebrating traditions. Christmas tree hunting, singing carols, baking cookies, mistletoe and even a not-so-friendly snowball fight. All of these will get you in the festive mood.

The main characters couldn’t be more different but, at the same time, perfect for each other. They have incredible chemistry together but their life circumstances pull them apart in their first Christmas encounter. They are complete opposites but a strong force pulls them together. However, they both have some growing to do.
Elle will embark in a journey of self-discovery redefining the meaning of family and learning not to give up on her dreams. Jack wants to find a balance between her need for freedom and when to rely on others. The author makes their journeys feel authentic and relatable, getting the reader to cheer for their happily ever after.

The audiobook was read by Natalie Naudus, one of the best narrators of Sapphic fiction ever. You have to love her voice tone, sometimes strong and powerful, others soft like she’s telling you a secret. The voicing of the emotions and feelings is fantastic and all the voices are distinct which is a big accomplishment as there are a big number of secondary characters, male and female. It’s been a delight to listen to. 5 stars.

Length: 10 hrs and 38 mins

Kiss her once for me by Alison CochrunKiss her once for me by Alison Cochrun

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