Know It In The Dark by Skye Kilaen

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know it in the dark by skye kilaen

Know It In The Dark by Skye Kilaen

A good second installment in the All These Gifts series

This second novella in Skye Kilaen‘s All These Gifts series picks up two weeks after If I Were A Weapon. Don’t read it as a standalone, you’ll need the background from the first book. If you’ve read it and don’t remember everything, the author provided a summary before the story begins again (thank you!).


Deneve is stuck in Austin since her nanites won’t let her leave. Both she and Jolie are surprised at how well the cohabitation is going and begin to feel a lot more comfortable with each other. Maybe too comfortable.

There’s a lot happening in this instalment but nothing I can mention without spoiling. Things aren’t what they seem and new dangers abound. The pace is fast in action scenes and mellow when the MCs get to know each other and it’s all very exciting on different levels.

I’m not sure when the third part – Too Dangerous To Keep – will be released. It’s available for preorder already. 4 stars.

Know It In The Dark by Skye KilaenKnow It In The Dark by Skye Kilaen

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