I’m a big fan of this lesbian action romance series

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lesbian action romance series

I’m a big fan of this lesbian action romance series

Review of ‘Elimination’ by Jackie D.

Yay for Jackie D! It’s a great author’s name, isn’t it? Anyway, this is the third and maybe final book in Jackie’s ‘After Dark’ series. I’m a big fan of this lesbian action romance series. Book one was a good read but it had a few issues. Book two was the best and this book was a really good ending (if it is) to this series. If I’m right, I am going to miss it since it was a whole lot of fun.


If you are new to ‘After Dark’ I would suggest starting at book one. If you can’t start at book one I would at least highly recommend starting at book 2. Since the characters are recurring in each book, it’s worth to start at the beginning for the romance aspects and the main bad guy plots that also continue. What’s great about these books is they have a very good ratio of romance to action. It’s very close to being even and neither action nor romance fans should have any reason to complain.

Each book in this series focuses on a potential couple and their romance. The characters are all very likable and what is great is Jackie doesn’t dump the characters that you get attached to when the next book comes out. While the new book stars two new main characters, your favorite couple from the previous book is back again. Jackie also does a great job at splitting up the time between the couples so there is plenty of time to get to know the new couple, while still getting time with your old favorites. Not every author can do this well but Jackie wrote these three couples perfectly for action-romance books.

I have to be careful what to say about this third book since I don’t want to give anything away for readers new to this series. I will say that I really enjoyed the new potential couple and I loved how the storyline with my favorite couple wrapped up. I’m also very happy that there are no questions left hanging with the bad guys/action storyline so if this is the end, it was a great way to end the series and I’m happy with it.

I would not hesitate to recommend this series to action-romance fans. The first book did have some issues, but it was still worth the read with the last two books being really good reads. This series is very fun and entertaining but it also has chemistry filled romances that make you fall for the potential couples. This series was Jackie D. at her best. I’m going to miss it if it’s over but this was the perfect way to end it. 4 stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian action romance serieslesbian action romance series

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