A really well-done lesbian action romance superhero book

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lesbian action romance superhero book

A really well-done lesbian action romance superhero book

Review of ‘Children of the Stars’ by K. Aten

This was a really well-done lesbian action romance superhero book. While I am putting the sci-fi tag on this since it has aliens, after all, this is a superhero story. When I say aliens, think of how Superman is an alien who came to earth and has superpowers, that’s the similar vein this story is in.


I am definitely a superhero geek at heart. When I was little and all my friends were playing with Barbies, I was playing with Wonder Woman, Batman, and Captain America action figures. Heck, my Blu-ray collection has more Marvel and DC movies than any other type, I love a good superhero story. So to get to read a new superhero book with lesbian and bi women characters, hell yes, please!

Two princesses from two distant planets, soul bonded to rule their worlds together, are separated and sent to two different places on Earth. Each woman grows up knowing that a part of them is somehow missing. Can these two find their true soul mate that is out there waiting? And while being a princess from another planet means having powers, these two princesses are not the only aliens to have landed on earth. In an epic battle of good versus evil, can the princesses find love and help save the world?

I don’t think it’s any secret that Aten is one of my favorite authors. She writes the type of books I want to read and as you can tell this was no exception. This does have a larger cast of characters. Two mains characters but also two other women I would call main-secondary characters and the rest which is a large cast of secondary characters. I’m not always big on books that have multiple point of view, with a large cast, but luckily here this book was nice and long so I felt like I got to know all the important characters well. I can never tell from my kindle but I would have guessed this book was around 500 pages but anyway, it was a nice long book with a big complete action storyline that I could picture being on the big screen one day.

I do want to mention that the book starts a little slow. Aten has to set up the world building and set the scene for the main characters. Don’t worry it doesn’t last long. Once everything is set up, the book really takes off and is jam-packed with action. Because it is a longer book, it took me longer than usual to finish this. I was not happy when I had to put this down to go to bed and wait for the next day to finish the rest. And while the book is more action than romance, I was very satisfied with the overall ratio of both by the time the book is done.

While this book was super entertaining, I do have one small complaint that stopped this from being a full 5 stars. In between certain scene breaks or chapter breaks, in italics, the narrator of the book would speak directly to us the reader. I get why Aten did this, it was a way to get some info to us readers, maybe a little history or facts she felt the reader should know, I get it but I didn’t like it. I’m not really big when any narrator talks to the reader about the characters like we are observing them together but the narrator has more info than we do, it’s something I just don’t like when an author does it. And really besides some extra info at the beginning that was helpful, as the book went on these speaking to the reader parts started to feel redundant. Aten is such a strong storyteller that I just don’t think this part was needed. Luckily, it is something that is easy to skim if you are not a big fan of this either, and it won’t affect how wonderful the rest of the book is.

If you want a big action-packed superhero story, this book is for you. A book about soul mates, good versus evil, love, and family, there really is something here for everyone. This is a pretty epic action-romance that entertained me just as much as any big action blockbuster on the big screen would. All of Aten’s books are wonderfully unique and I’m happy to add this one to my library. Oh, and I have to give a shout-out to Ann McMan, who I believed did the cover. It fits the book really well and is so eye-catching. 4.50 Stars.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian action romance superhero booklesbian action romance superhero book

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