Another good addition to this lesbian action series

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lesbian action series

Another good addition to this lesbian action series

Review of ‘Cost of Honor’ by Radclyffe

This is book 10 of the Honor series. Not many authors can write a series of ten books and keep the story moving forward as Radclyffe does. Even though you can start reading this book as it’s a stand-alone novel, I recommend you to begin with book one ‘Above all, honor’ because it is a compelling story and it showcases the main couple of the whole series, Cam and Blair.


The secret to the success of this series is, in my opinion, that Radclyffe introduces a new couple with each book while moving forward the main political plot. In this installment, President Powell is going to Philadelphia where he expects to be nominated to run for his second term while there is a secret complot to stop him. Secret Service Agent Oakes Weaver is one of the people in charge to protect him, but the recruitment of Ari Rostof, the new campaign manager, makes things harder. While both women negotiate between life risk assessments and political gain, they realise that their initial antagonism might develop into something else.

This was another good addition to this lesbian action series. While my favourites are still books one and two, there is a good action subplot that seems uncannily realistic given the current political state of affairs. For those readers who are fans of the Justice series, there is an important participation of the members of the investigation team led by Rebecca Frye, especially police officers Dell and Sandy. Regarding the main characters’ romance, I thought it was ok but not Radclyffe’s best. Their chemistry is ok but not what this author normally can create. Despite that, there are a few hot intimate scenes portraying different couples of the series, so anyone who’s looking for Radclyffe’s trademark sex scenes won’t be disappointed.

Overall, another good addition to the series with a few appearances from the Justice series. 4 stars.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian action serieslesbian action series

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