A really good lesbian age gap romance book

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lesbian age gap romance book

A really good lesbian age gap romance book

Review of ‘Beautiful accidents’ by Erin Zak

This was really good! Zak can be a little up and down for me but this lesbian age gap romance book is her best to date. After reading the early reviews I had some high hopes for this but it was even better than I expected. I could see noticeable growth in Zak’s writing which was really nice to experience. If she can keep this high-level up she’s going to be an author every lesfic fan talks about.


Stevie is an improv actor who hopes to make it to Saturday Night Live. After her Chicago improv show, she goes with her friends to see a psychic. The psychic is deaf and has an ASL interpreter named Bernadette. Stevie cannot believe the energy she feels around Bernadette. But she is only there for a reading, she won’t ever see Bernadette again or will she?

I was surprised how fast I became fully invested in this book; from the characters’ jobs to the characters themselves. The main characters sizzled around each other to the great cast of secondary characters that you either love or dislike. Everything about this book was interesting and I was never bored for a second.

While I really got into the characters and their occupations, the romance is where this book really shined. Holy chemistry Batman! I could not believe how good the chemistry in this book was. I was eating up every little describing word that Zak tossed out there. This is the perfect example of an author “showing” what two characters are feeling for each other instead of “telling”. It was really refreshing and more than once when my heart was pumping I said: “damn that was well written.”

I also have to quickly mention that while this is an age-gap romance, it is almost not an issue at all. So many age-gaps have the angst that seems to be all about age and it becomes tiresome. I love that it was mentioned so little that I almost forgot that there was an age difference at all.

I feel like I’m finally on a roll of some really good books. This romance is going on my favorites list of 2019, that’s how much I enjoyed it. This made me really excited about future Zak books. This is an easy one to recommend to romance fans who like a lot of chemistry and some angst. 4.25 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian age gap romance booklesbian age gap romance book

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