A sweet, lesbian age-gap romance book
lesbian age-gap romance book

A sweet, lesbian age-gap romance book

Review of ‘Confessions of a Dreamer’ by Kenna White

This was a sweet, lesbian age-gap romance book. White is still a pretty new author to me. She has been writing for a long time but for some reason, I have only read a couple of her books. In fact, White hasn’t written a new release in about four years so I was excited to finally review one of her books. I do have to be honest that I was hoping to enjoy this a bit more, but it was a very solid and a nice romantic read.


I liked the premise of the book. What happens when you connect, 25 years later, with the teacher you used to have a crush on? By making the characters 45 and 55, you lose any of the teacher-student taboo, but it was still an interesting premise to hook you in.

I did find the beginning to feel a little rough. The dialogue felt stilted and just unlike White’s writing that I remember. Luckily, that went away once the setting changed and I felt much more comfortable with the story. So if you have mixed feelings in the beginning give it a minute, White gets into her groove as the book goes on.

I forgot to mention that this is also a slow-burn romance. And when I say slow, I mean slow. I personally love a good slow-burn but here it leads to my biggest issue. There just was not enough time with the characters together as a couple. It took too long to even get anywhere and the book was running out of pages. I needed to see the characters together more to really connect with the romance. Of course, I liked them as a couple and wanted a happily ever after for them, but I wish the book was a few chapters longer with more couple content.

While this was a slower-paced book overall, I felt like I was very engaged in the story. There is not much angst either, but there is always something going on that kept my attention as a reader. I was never bored and if anything I wanted more so White knows how to keep her reader’s interest.

If you are looking for a slower-paced book and romance, this might be for you. While this started off a bit bumpy, the characters grow on you and you will find yourself surprisingly hooked into the story. It was really nice to see White writing again and I look forward to reading more by her. 3.50 Stars.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian age-gap romance booklesbian age-gap romance book

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