A great lesbian age-gap romance book about overcoming inner demons

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lesbian age-gap romance

A great lesbian age-gap romance book about overcoming inner demons

Review of ‘Finding Jessica Lambert’ by Clare Ashton

Clare Ashton is one of the best lesfic writers out there. I admire not only her writing talent but also the variety of her work. She can produce dark novels such as ‘Pennance’, angsty books like ‘After Mrs. Hamilton’ and feel-good romances as ‘Poppy Jenkins’. While ‘Finding Jessica Lambert’ is a romance, it delves into the depth of the human psyche, the despair of people suffering from anxiety and somehow, it comes out with a message of love and hope.


Jessica Lambert is a famous movie star who is burnt out from overwork and the pressure of fame. When running away in the midst of a panic attack, she is taken in by the enigmatic and more mature Anna, who lives a life isolated from the world. Without knowing anything about each other, both women feel an intense connection. But what happens when reality bites?

This was such an amazing read. ‘Finding Jessica Lambert’ is a masterclass on how to build chemistry between two apparently very different characters – in age, race, and personality – and make it work effortlessly. Ms. Ashton builds a magnetic connection from the leads’ first casual encounter and slowly forms such a strong bond between them that it’s impossible to think them apart from each other.

‘Finding Jessica Lambert’ is a lesbian age-gap romance book about overcoming inner demons, imaginary and real. It’s hard to find in fiction flawed characters that are so appealing in both their strengths and shortcomings so much so that they seem to come out of the page with a life of their own. That’s what makes this story so appealing.

Ms. Ashton has a way with words that is almost cinematographic, the reader can see the story unfold in front of their eyes. In the background, London is another main character, a city that can be both beautiful and oppressive. I lived there for 7 years and I felt transported to the capital in every single description of the cityscape. It was like traveling without moving from my room.

I have no complaints about this book apart from wishing that the author could write faster because her books are incredible journeys that I’m always willing to take. I cannot recommend it more. 5+ stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian age-gap romancelesbian age-gap romance

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