A series with plenty of potential

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Daughter of No one by Sam Ledel

A series with plenty of potential

Lesbian Book Review of ‘Daughter of no one’ by Sam Ledel.

3.50 Stars. I thought this was a pretty good fantasy book. This is the second book I have read by Ledel and I thought it was quite a bit better than her first. It is YA or maybe New Adult since both characters are in their early 20’s. This is the first book in ‘The Odium Trilogy’ series, and while the main storyline is still open, the book ended in a good spot. It doesn’t leave you with a horrible cliffhanger feeling, you just know that more adventure is to come.


This story follows the lives of two young women. Jastyn, who is an outcast due to being born out of wedlock and Princess Aurelia. When the princess’ life is in danger, Jastyn’s extensive knowledge of the woods surrounding the Kingdom might just make her the perfect person to find the Princess. After being shunned by the Royals her whole life, can Jastyn put her feeling aside to bring the Princess home?

I thought this fantasy world was very interesting with elves, witches and other mythical creatures along with magic around every corner. Overall, the book had an interesting premise. However, there was a lot going on with plenty of questions still hanging, I’m used to fantasy books being long and a little slower to start. This book didn’t take very long for the action to start up so while I did appreciate all the excitement, I actually would not have minded a little more world building.

I thought it was a good mix of characters. I liked many of the secondary ones including a witch who is really interesting. The two main characters were well done, but I do feel like I haven’t completely connected to them yet. I’m hopeful that will change after the next installment. There is no romance in this book, but there is some early chemistry that is building with hope for the future.

I’m always so excited to see a new fantasy lesbian book out since they are few and far between in lesfic. But because I’m such a huge fantasy fan, I can be a little picky. This is not a fantasy book I can put on my favorites list, but it was a good beginning with plenty of potential. I do think most fantasy fans, especially YA or NA fans, will probably enjoy this. I will be reading book 2 when it comes out.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian book reviewlesbian book review

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