Legally lesbian.

Legally lesbian.

Review of ‘Practice makes perfect’ by Carsen Taite.

This is book 1 of ‘Legal affairs’, the new series by Carsen Taite which follows a group of three friends, Campbell, Abby, and Grace, partners in a boutique law firm in Austin. Ms. Taite is well known for her legal thrillers and books in which law issues are at the forefront but, according to the author, this series will be light on the legal side. ‘Practice makes perfect’ focuses on Campbell’s story.


Campbell Clark is an accomplished lawyer on her way to making partner in a big law firm. As she is tired of working for others, she decides to be her own boss and open her own firm with two besties from law school, Abby and Grace. Their chance to land a big client appears in the shape of a billion-worth internet startup facing a crucial demand. In order to win the client over she’ll have to compete with Wynne Garrity, associate lawyer of a big law firm. Wynne seems uptight and all work and no play, but as they get to know each other, their romantic involvement could threaten all that they have been fighting for. Will they still take a chance on love?

This series’ concept reminds me of Melissa Brayden’s ‘Soho loft’ series in which friendship and business merge in a boutique advertising agency. ‘Practice makes perfect’ is similar to ‘Kiss the girl’, the first book of the Soho Loft, in which the love interests also have to compete with each other to win an important client. However, the similarities stop there as Ms. Taite manages to create a world in which the city of Austin, yummy donuts and impulsive online purchases play a big part.

This is possibly the funniest of Taite’s books with good use of banter and witty dialogues. The main characters are well portrayed and even though the romance is very slow-burn, it’s realistic and angst-free. The chemistry is sizzling and the intimate scenes are well written. I would have liked Ms. Taite to spend more time in depicting the other two friends personalities better and to see them interacting more but I’m sure their friendship is going to be explored further in the next couple of books. Can’t wait to see where Ms. Taite takes Abby and Grace.

Overall, a very good start of a series full of fun, romance, and donuts. 4 stars.

ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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