Going rogue with L.L. Raand.

Lesbian Book Review of ‘Rogue hunt’ by L.L. Raand.

3.5 Stars. I’m a big Radclyffe fan. I have read all her full-length books and with me being a lesbian paranormal fan, I have always enjoyed this series. But after 4 years, I never expected to see another book from this series. It’s interesting but in the month of May, Bold Strokes Books released 3 series books that were a long time in coming. This book at 4 years, Godfrey’s book at 5 and Vali’s at 10 years. It was great coming back to all these older series but I do have to say I didn’t love this like I was hoping.

This is a novella but it is a good length so I didn’t feel that the story was rushed. There was a good mix of old favorite characters with some new ones. We even got a short visit with the vampires and a little time with my favorite character Torren who is Fae.

There was some good excitement towards the end and I was happy to see that Radclyffe left the door open for another novella or book. I’m too invested in this series to stop reading it now. However, my one complaint was that the sex scenes are not a favorite of mine. It didn’t bother me too much four years ago, but the werewolf sex just involves a lot of fluids that gets to me after a while.

I still enjoyed this, and I would not hesitate to read another in this series if Rad wrote it. I just didn’t love it like I remember loving the series 4 years ago.


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