A solid lesbian book series with an age gap romance

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lesbian book series

A solid lesbian book series with an age gap romance

Review of ‘Inked with a Kiss’ by Jennie Davids

I read ‘Inked with a Kiss’ (Book 2 in the ‘Thorn & Thistle’ Series) by Jennie Davids without reading the first book but it turned out to be fine. Whatever I might have missed will not be for long because I liked this one more than enough to get her debut book (‘New Ink on Life’) as well.


Tattoo artist Jamie Winston has social worker Sierra Clark as a client and every time Sierra parks her cute butt in Jamie’s chair they feel there is more than a fleeting attraction. But both women come with baggage and so a relationship is not really what they are looking for right now.

What we get is a delicious push and pull as both women find out they can’t really keep it as casual as they planned. A fundraising project gets them spending more time together. I loved the tattoo parlor backdrop. I have a feeling book one is more about how that all came to be and I love to find out.

Jamie makes much of the 12 year age gap between the two, while Sierra is totally unfazed by it. But Sierra has abandonment issues so there’s that. The drama comes from Jamie’s dealings with her alcoholic parents and how enabling them prevents her from really going forward with her life.

The writing was solid and I liked the lesbian age-gap romance. Looking forward to reading the book that started this lesbian book series.

f/f explicit

Themes: tattoo artist, social worker, age gap, trying the casual thing, ha! That never works does it, fundraiser, plants!

4 Stars

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian book serieslesbian book series

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