An entertaining lesbian celebrity romance audiobook

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lesbian celebrity romance audiobook

An entertaining lesbian celebrity romance audiobook

Review of ‘Fear of falling’ by Georgia Beers,

Audiobook narrated by Lori Prince

Sophie James has been an internationally renowned singer since she was a teenager. When her lifelong manager dies, she finds herself lost and missing him as the father figure he was. As a substitute manager, Sophie’s record company sends Dana Landon who is resourceful, hard-working and gorgeous. While their attraction develops, Sophie has ideas to change her career which clashes with the recording company’s plans. Will Sophie and Dana be able to avoid conflict and have their happily ever after?


Georgia Beers is a consummated lesbian author whose work rarely disappoints and ‘Fear of falling’ is no exception. This is an entertaining and romantic lesbian love story based on the always winning formula of the celebrity falling for the girl next door (or the other way around). Ms. Beers fans will be happy to see the marks of her style: well-written dialogues, sizzling chemistry, the right amount of angst and a little bit of humour. The novel deals with different issues such as bereavement, family, coming out and the price of fame.

I read this book when it was released in 2019 and now listened to the audiobook narrated by Lori Prince. I have to say that the association between Georgia Beers and Lori Prince is wonderful for the lesfic world. Ms. Prince gets the lightness tone of this story perfectly thanks to her playful narration but also nails the more serious parts. She hasn’t got so many different voices in her repertoire like, say Abby Craden or Angela Dawe, but she makes both leads distinctive and equally likable.

My appreciation of this book didn’t change in audiobook format, I detected the same issues that I had when I read it. My criticism then was that the subplot around Dana’s ex felt a bit dragged out and, in my opinion, weakened the main characters’ relationship. Additionally, the descriptions of the music recording business seemed a bit simplified and naive, but it’s not that relevant in the context of a lesbian romance. Both issues were minor and didn’t deter me from thoroughly enjoying the story.

Overall, an entertaining lesbian celebrity romance audiobook that won’t disappoint Georgia Beers’ fans. 4 stars for both the story and the narration.

lesbian celebrity romance audiobooklesbian celebrity romance audiobook

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