A very good lesbian Christmas romance audiobook
lesbian Christmas romance audiobook

A very good lesbian Christmas romance audiobook

Review of ‘Snow Globe‘ by Georgia Beers,

Audiobook narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

After Mackenzie’s wedding is called off at the eleventh hour she decides to go to her planned honeymoon during Christmas holidays at a lesbian resort in Florida with her best friend Allison. Little she knows that a journey of self-discovery awaits for her.


This is a fantastic Christmas story full of all the required ingredients: romance, friendship, fun, a little bit of drama and love. Written in first person in the present from the point of view of Mackenzie, it feels like a chronicle of her days before and after her supposed wedding, around Christmas time. ‘Snow Globe‘ is a strong character-driven story and it’s impossible not to love the main character. As Mackenzie decides to go to her ‘not honeymoon’ with her best friend Allison, it’s like the reader/listener is going on the trip to Florida with them, gets into Mackenzie’s headspace and accompanies her in her suffering, her joy, her cluelessness, and her self-discovery.

I’m not sure if this novel is for everyone as it is a very slow-burn romance and the interaction between the lovers quite short. It feels more like there is one main character, Mackenzie, and Allison is an important secondary character. There are quite a few minor details of Mackenzie’s experience in the resort and the reader/listener gets a good overview of her opinions, tastes, and beliefs but not as much of Allison’s. I personally enjoyed being inside Mackenzie’s head but some people might find her cluelessness and sometimes her self-absorption frustrating.

The audiobook is narrated by Hollis Elizabeth, my first experience listening to her. I found that her tone choice was light, appropriate for a type of book set in a resort by the beach, with warm weather and on the countdown to Christmas.
The different characters’ voices were easy to identify and suited them all. Even though this story isn’t very demanding in the feelings department, Ms. Elizabeth’s interpretation was convincing and authentic. Unfortunately, this book isn’t included in Audible Escape or Scribd subscription. Duration: almost 7 hours long.

Overall, a very good lesbian Christmas romance audiobook if you love a very slow-burn story. 4.5 stars.

lesbian Christmas romance audiobooklesbian Christmas romance audiobook    lesbian Christmas romance audiobooklesbian Christmas romance audiobook

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