Anna Burke can also write great lesbian contemporary romances
lesbian contemporary romances

Anna Burke can also write great lesbian contemporary romances

Review of ‘Spindrift’ by Anna Burke

I have followed this author since her debut novel ‘Compass Rose’ took the lesfic world by storm with its impressive quality. Since then, I’ve read all her books despite they weren’t my favourite genres. Because lesbian contemporary romances are so different from what Ms. Burke normally writes, I wasn’t sure if she’d pull it off… I should have known better.


Emilia Russo is a former shelter veterinarian recovering from a mental breakdown after the pressures of her job, the unexpected death of her father, and an ensuing breakup. When she goes to Seal Cove to deal with her father’s estate, she meets large-animal vet Morgan Donovan who is heartbroken due to her separation from her fiancée. Will both lost women find a reason to love and heal in each other?

There are many reasons why I loved this book and why it’s going straight to my 2020 favourites. One is that it gives a great insight into veterinary medicine that destroys the preconception that it’s all about checking cute puppies. Ms. Burke is married to a veterinarian (she tells the story in her blog) so she has insider information about the profession. I listed 7 things I’ve learned from reading this book (full disclosure, this is an exclusive post for our patrons) and I could have listed many more. I love it when books give me food for thought beyond the entertainment factor.

This is the start of the ‘Seal Cove’ series, set in a fictional seaside town off the coast of Maine. While the book focuses on Emilia and Morgan’s story, there is an in-depth introduction to the rest of the characters who hopefully will have their moment to shine in the following books. They are all lovable, multifaceted, and complicated characters which makes this series really exciting. I haven’t been this thrilled about a series since Melissa Brayden’s ‘Soho Loft’ romances so I hope the author doesn’t mess up with the characters. No pressure!

Now, if all the above wasn’t enough, the romance will make all lesfic fans very happy. The story is heartwarming, hopeful, and downright beautiful. Even though there are angst moments, they don’t overpower the characters’ connection and their chemistry, which is hot, hot, hot. And the sex scenes are top-notch too.

Nautical settings are frequent in this author’s work and here it plays an important part, acting as a catalyst in the characters’ relationship and a place to turn for peace during their turmoil. The author’s descriptions are vivid and so photographic that it transported me there.

Overall, ‘Spindrift’ is a compelling romance and a heartwarming story about the endless dedication of veterinary professionals, and a tale of hope, friendship, and love. I couldn’t recommend it more. 5+ stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian contemporary romanceslesbian contemporary romances

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