A very good lesbian culinary romance audiobook

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lesbian culinary romance audiobook

A very good lesbian culinary romance audiobook

Review of ‘Starting from scratch’ by Georgia Beers,

Audiobook narrated by Georgia Beers

Avery King is a graphic designer who has a big crush on her bank’s branch manager. She likes keeping her crush from a distance but when her best friend asks her to help coaching a tee ball team, she’s up for a surprise…


This is one of my favourite books by Georgia Beers, it’s a beautiful romance that highlights all the important things in life: love, family and baking! This is as much a romance as a story about family, loyalty, and friendship. It will take the reader through a gamut of strong emotions. Every single character is well-written and, considering there is a range of very different characters from small children to elderly, they are all very distinctive and realistic. Among them, ‘Steven King’, the dog, who steals the show. Both main characters are very likeable and the author is great at building their chemistry to very hot levels.

An extra special character in this book is baking. Avery uses baking as stress relief and it’s her connection to her grandmother, who brought her up. It’s also her way to express her emotions and connect with other people. This novel features a few recipes that will keep your mouth watering. I recommend not to listen to this audiobook while hungry!

I’ve read this book a few years ago and really liked it so when I saw that the audiobook was available with both the Audible Escape and Scribd subscriptions, I decided to give it a go. I didn’t do it straight away because the author is the narrator and I was a bit wary of the result. I thought that Ms. Beers’s narration was quite decent, her tone and different voices were ok, but I think that a professional audio artist could have taken the story to its full potential, specially when conveying the diversity of emotions that the characters go through. Despite that, I’ve really enjoyed this listen.

Overall, a very good lesbian culinary romance audiobook. My rating for the story is 5 stars. Narration 4 stars. Average 4.5 stars.

lesbian culinary romance audiobooklesbian culinary romance audiobook      lesbian culinary romance audiobooklesbian culinary romance audiobook

lesbian culinary romance audiobook scribd

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