Lesbian Debut Book Review of 'Full of promise' by Kate Gavin

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Lesbian Debut Book Review of ‘Full of promise’ by Kate Gavin

3.50 Stars. This was a sweet young adult romance. This is a solid debut for Gavin with a very readable story. One of the mains is a lesbian where the other main is coming to terms with her bisexuality. This is a classic coming of age, coming out story, but with much more good feels than bad.


I enjoyed the pace and feel of this book. Gavin’s writing felt easy and smooth and didn’t really have any of that choppiness that you sometimes find with new authors. This is the type of coming out story we have read before, but it was nice to see a bisexual character as the one coming out for a change.

The romance in this book is really sweet. I thought it went at a nice pace of friendship first before becoming anything more. The two mains are both pretty adorable and easy to root for. The mains are 18 and getting ready for college so there is a moderately explicit sex scene. This is a YA book that feels more geared to older teens and adults.

If you are looking for a YA book that is a feel good romance, this would be a perfect pick. I have been enjoying reading YA more and more lately. The YA book I read before this one was pretty intense so this was a really nice and sweet change of pace. I would not hesitate to read Gavin again.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.


lesbian debut booklesbian debut book

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