A very fun and enjoyable lesbian debut novel

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lesbian debut novel

A very fun and enjoyable lesbian debut novel

Review of ‘Claiming Camille’ by Louise McBain

I’m a big fan of romance so it was a very easy decision to grab the opportunity to read/review this novel by Louise McBain. The blurb is interesting, the cover is appealing and it’s Ms. McBain’s first full-length novel so that got me excited even more.


This is such a fluffy and feel-good read and I have to say I am very happy that I discovered this new author. This is her second novel, the first a self-published novella called ‘Sweet Jane’, but my first read. Not only was the romance good, but the book was funny, witty and well written.

The two main characters are very likable with strong chemistry. Yes, it was insta-everything but I didn’t feel that it was forced or rushed. I actually felt the connection from the start. And for bonus points, the sex scenes were hot.

Another aspect that I really liked in this story was how the author used the supporting characters. I don’t think they added much to the main storyline, but they definitely made the book entertaining for me. I liked the banter between Camille and her father, and I fell in love with the father and his ‘Kardashians’ which I won’t describe, to avoid spoilers. There were a few entertaining parts that sometimes felt like watching a romantic comedy movie with a lot of humour. There’s one particular scene on Bingo night that got me really cracking up.

There’s one character that could have played a bigger role which is Mia the ex. I didn’t quite get the character. I don’t understand even now if she is an ice queen or not. Is she evil, is she good? Anyway, it doesn’t really matter because her attempt to ruin things didn’t add anything to the plot. This was a fun read with a very enjoyable and detailed epilogue to conclude it.

I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a break from intense reads or who just wants to have a laugh and feel good. My rating is a solid 4 and I will definitely be looking forward to more reads from this author. Very fun and enjoyable lesbian debut novel.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian debut novellesbian debut novel

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