A light book for fans of the lesbian enemies to lovers trope

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lesbian enemies to lovers trope

A light book for fans of the lesbian enemies to lovers trope

Review of ‘Lucky’ by Kris Bryant


Kris Bryant is one of my favourite lesfic authors who has written many beautiful novels, all in first-person point of view. This is her first attempt at writing in third person and, even though this isn’t my favourite book, I think she did a very good job.

Serena Evans got dealt a bad hand in life until she won the lottery, now, with 40 million dollars to spend, she decides to build a pet daycare facility for the rich and famous. Gabrielle Barnes is the architect in charge of the project. Even though she cannot empathise with Serena’s vision, she needs this project to finish smoothly in order to get the coveted partner position. Initially, both women clash around the building concept but eventually, they realise that they might not hate each other after all…

I have to admit that the premise of this novel didn’t appeal to me that much. However, I normally read anything that this author writes and I was curious to see how she managed the point of view change. There’s nothing wrong with either first or third povs and it’s ok if an author prefers to write exclusively in first person but I’m glad that Ms. Bryant chose to write out of her comfort zone and was able to pull this off. I think it will open up the scope of stories that she could tell in the future and her readers are going to be grateful for it.

Ms. Bryant writes great chemistry between her characters and even better sex scenes. Having said that, I wasn’t too invested in the main characters in this novel, nor I found their chemistry intense as in other of Ms. Bryant’s books. Even though I can relate to Gabrielle because, apart from sharing the name, I can identify with one of her issues, that was the extent of my empathy with the characters. I found that they lacked depth compared to other characters in Ms. Bryant’s novels. I get that this is a light read but also was her previous book ‘Temptation’ and the characters were much more complex.

Anyway, if you are a fan of the lesbian enemies to lovers trope and are looking for a light read, this might appeal to you. 4 stars.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian enemies to lovers tropelesbian enemies to lovers trope

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