A lesbian fairy tale with a rock star

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lesbian fairy tale

A lesbian fairy tale with a rock star

Review of ‘Maid for you’ by Mariah R. Embry

This is the first book I’ve read from this author. I’m impressed as the story is very up-to-date as it takes place during the Corona pandemic. For me, this story has a little bit of a lesbian fairy tale touch, and I mean that without judgment, as I like them. For one thing, I don’t believe that a person with a lifestyle like Jay Firefly’s can change so thoroughly and be clean in so little time. And for another, where are the red-eyed beauties in human form? But in my opinion, a story doesn’t need to stick to reality, it is allowed to be better than the real world.


This is the story of two women who could not live in more different worlds. Octavia, with her unique red eyes, is a paperless immigrant who had to learn to look after herself at an early age and who had not always made the best decisions but has learned from her mistakes. Now she’s got an illegal job as a maid to a rock star. Jay Firefly is the aforementioned rock star who enjoys all the extravagances of a successful life with fame in abundance, drugs, gambling, women, no matter if somebody falls by the wayside. When the Coronavirus changed the world as we know it and forced people to stay at home, Jay and Octavia have to find a way to get through the lockdown together.

When the two are trapped in Jay’s New Yorker penthouse, they form a relationship of convenience that quickly becomes a  friendship. Octavia seems shy and submissive when she started her new job, but it lasted only a short time in this special situation. Soon she dares to question Jay’s lifestyle. Although she rejects the rock star’s behavior, she is somehow attracted to her. To Jay’s own surprise, she accepts the criticism and begins to rethink her life and behavior. In the beginning, Jay is an impossible, arrogant, and unsympathetic brat who doesn’t care about others, as long as she has fun. In two weeks, more women passed through Jay’s bedroom than I had in my entire life. I knew she would change and wow, she did. When feelings come into play one thing is clear, Jay has to change a lot to have a chance for a relationship with Octavia. And Octavia knows, she has to open up too and share her secrets. Both have to be brutally honest for a chance of a happy ending.

The author has created interesting characters with all their flaws and edges. With no private life, but a lot of money and all the attention you get from so many groupies, I guess life as a successful rock star is not the easiest one. But how Jay and her friends were behaving was tough to stomach. There is an age gap that is sometimes noticeable in the behavior of the women but has no impact on the couple. The chemistry is tangible and the sex scenes are hot. The story touches various topics like drug and alcohol abuse, respect, and protecting your loved ones. And although some of these topics are difficult, this is an enjoyable read. My only problem was I somehow couldn’t fully connect with Jay and Octavia but I can’t put my finger on exactly why. My rating 3.75 stars

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

lesbian fairy talelesbian fairy tale

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