Entertaining lesbian fake relationship novella
lesbian fake relationship novella

Entertaining lesbian fake relationship novella

Review of ‘The Plus One’ by Natasha West

This novella by Natasha West (I think it was her first) is also my first book by this author and I will read more by her.


The same evening Charlie told her family that she thinks she has found her forever One, her girlfriend dumped her. And she doesn’t even know exactly why. She really thought Lucy was special, she wanted her to be her plus one at her sister’s wedding. Just a few weeks left until the wedding and after an incident happened to her sister with one of her bridesmaid’s, telling her and her parents she was dumped again, was out of consideration. But what can she do? Then she comes across the website ‘Rent a Date’, could this be her solution? But sometimes the universe has other plans and a date with a fake girlfriend can be a big surprise.

I had a mixed experience with both main characters. I was able to emphasise with Charlie, as she was unseen in school and at the present day still nobody seems to take her seriously. I cheered for her so she’d find her plus one not only for the wedding but for life. Sometimes you find the special one in unexpected places. However, I couldn’t really connect with Amy, maybe because she was a bitchy princess at school, and we don’t get to know her very well in this novella.

A fake relationship/second chance romance with witty dialogues, some drama, and well written. I wish it would have been longer as the story has potential but everything seems a little bit rushed. Overall, an entertaining and quick lesbian fake relationship novella with some twists I didn’t expect.

My rating 3.5 stars

lesbian fake relationship novellalesbian fake relationship novella

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