A great combination of a lesbian fake relationship story with opposite attracts

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lesbian fake relationship story

A great combination of a lesbian fake relationship story with opposite attracts

Review of ‘The Roommate Arrangement’ by Jae

I didn’t know before reading this book that ‘The Roommate Arrangement’ is a sequel to Jae’s ‘Just for Show’. We get to meet again with the Renshaw Family. You don’t have to read these books in order, but I recommend it. Jae is a fantastic story writer and ‘The Roommate Arrangement’ is no exception from the rule. A lesbian fake relationship story mixed with opposite attracts is a great combination.


Both MCs are looking for an apartment. When the perfect opportunity arises, there is only one problem, the landlords rent only to couples. But, Rae, is very introvert and likes to be alone. She is an ex-cop, who has lost more than her partner and her job during an incident while doing her job. She is still suffering from an injury and is still searching for her new place in life as she can’t be a cop anymore. Her maybe soon-to-be-roommate is the opposite. Stephanie is an extrovert stand-up comedian who has set her thirtieth birthday as the deadline to make a name of herself in the scene. They have to be good actors to play the role of two lovebirds.

This is a very slow-burn romance and for that, we get to know Rae and Stephanie very well and there was enough time to build up the chemistry until it sparked. I liked both women but it was Rae who got me from the beginning and I read with keen attention how she slowly changed back to her former self, to the person she was before the tragic incident. Stephanie is not only the funny comedian but also has a lot more going than just cracking jokes about everybody, including her family. Eventually, with her empathy, she gets the wall around Rae to tear and break. Jae is not only extremely good at creating complex main characters, but also some very good secondary characters. And it was great to meet Claire and Lana from ‘Just for Show’ again.

This is a very smooth romance with only a little angst or drama. As always with Jae, it’s very well written at a good pace. However, I would have liked a little more time with them as a real couple and maybe one or two hurdles more to overcome. For me, it was almost a little bit too smooth.

My rating 4.25 stars

Many thanks to Ylva Publishing for receiving an ARC for an honest review.

lesbian fake relationship storylesbian fake relationship story

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