An entertaining lesbian family drama romance book

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lesbian family drama romance book

An entertaining lesbian family drama romance book

Review of ‘The Inheritance’ by Ali Vali

This book felt very typical Vali but I enjoyed it anyway. If you like the feel and vibe of Vali’s books- her loyal family oriented butch character and her strong femme character- chances are you will enjoy this. And while the characters felt very familiar, their storylines weren’t. Interesting jobs mixed with a crazy family dynamic made this really entertaining to read.


The best way to describe this would be a lesbian family drama romance book. And there is a lot of drama so this actually had a very soap opera-ish feel to it. I don’t know if it was because I grew up with my mother watching her soaps every day, but I actually like this over the top drama feel. Actually, if you have ever read Vali’s Cain Casey series, Tucker (the main in this book) is the more level headed, law-abiding version of Cain. There are plenty of secrets and backstabbing that could fit right in with the mobsters Cain knows. So if you enjoyed the Cain books but are interested in a more law-abiding, violent free version, I think you will enjoy this too.

The romance itself is actually slow-burn. While the chemistry and attraction are there right off the bat, all the drama turns this into a very slow burn. While it’s slow, it’s never boring. Because of all the drama in between everything, the book is entertaining and kept me turning the pages. I even teared up a few times since Vali wasn’t worried about playing with my emotions. Once the romance heated back up I was pretty happy with it. It did get a little fast towards the end, but Vali obviously wanted to give us a very big HEA after everything the character went through so I was okay with it.

I don’t think I would put this on my favorite list of Vali books, but as I said it was classic Vali, which I enjoy, and I was very entertained. If you want a romance packed with a lot of juicy drama, this book is for you. 3.75 stars.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian family drama romance booklesbian family drama romance book

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