Lesbian Fantasy Book Review 'Raven, Storm and Shadow' by Nita Round

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Lesbian Fantasy Book

I love this Lesbian Fantasy Steampunk Series

This is a great Lesbian Fantasy book series. It is the third installment of Round’s Touch of Truth series and another really good read. Click to read more.

Lesbian Fantasy Book Review of ‘Raven, Storm and Shadow’ by Nita Round

4.25 Stars. I just love this series! This is the third installment of Round’s Touch of Truth series and another really good read. This series has been extremely consistent with all the books being well written and entertaining reads. Round has an incredible imagination that makes this steampunk-fantasy series really special. There is nothing out there in lesfic like this series and I just love authors that can be so completely different.


This is a series so each book picks up where the last one ended. This series really needs to be read in order, but since all the books are good, it’s no hardship. Round recently decided to try self-publishing so this third book is less expensive than the first two. Currently at only 4.99, in my opinion, this book is a steal. And while it is self-published, I didn’t notice any issues sometimes common in self-publishing. This book was as well written as Round’s books always are.

This book is a bit of a set-up book for the next big adventure. Book 2 was a big battle against a great enemy, where this book was about picking up the pieces and tying up loose ends. Some previous unanswered questions were finally answered and a bit more important information was given. That is not to say that this book slowed down or was boring. There was still plenty of excitement and I’m also dying to know what happens next. These books don’t end on cliffhangers, but you are always excited to read the next installment.

While I would still not put these books in the romance category, there is a real interesting f-f-f bond/relationship forming. These three women are so connected that I really enjoy them together. I don’t want to ruin anything but I will say talk of their relationship actually progressed a bit in this book and I like the direction it is heading.

I would absolutely recommend this series to fantasy and or steampunk fans. I love this highly imaginative world and characters Round has created. I’m so glad we get at least one more book in this series but my fingers are crossed for even more than that.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.


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