A fantastic start to a lesbian friends book series

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'Totally Worth It' by Maggie Cummings

A fantastic start to a lesbian friends book series

Review of ‘Totally Worth It’ by Maggie Cummings

Some books, like some people, are sunny. That’s what I thought when I read ‘Brooklyn Summer‘, my first Maggie Cummings book, in January, and it’s the feeling I am again left with after Totally Worth It, her debut novel and book 1 in the ‘Bay West Social series’.


While there is some romance happening – and some not happening –, ‘Totally Worth It’ is literally about more than two people meeting. It’s about Meg moving to lesbian-exclusive development Bay West on Staten Island and becoming the adult she can be; it’s about Lexi and her huge crush on Jesse, her neighbour/boss/parents’ ex-best friend. It’s about said Jesse trying not to screw up. It’s also about Lexi’s mothers, Jesse’s friends, Meg’s elusive colleague…

‘Totally Worth It’ made me think of a lesbian version of Armistead Maupin’s ‘Tales of the City’ (minus the outrageousness) or of ensemble cast films like Garry Marshall´s ‘Valentine’s Day’, for example. It’s a fantastic start to the series, and when I closed it, all I wanted to do was to immediately begin the second book, ‘Serious Potential’. Not because this one was too short, or left some issues up in the air, but because I didn’t want to leave this universe and its inhabitants. I like it there.

A fantastic start to a lesbian friends book series. 4.5 stars.

lesbian friends book serieslesbian friends book series

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