Dear Me by Robin Alexander, narrated by Lori Prince
lesbian humor books

Dear Me by Robin Alexander, narrated by Lori Prince

Robin Alexander has the lesbian humor books recipe mastered

If you are looking for lesfic comic relief, Robin Alexander is your author to go. Ms. Alexander has the lesbian humor books recipe mastered, her books are consistently entertaining and fun to read. Quirky supporting characters, laugh out loud moments, and great romance is her specialty. ‘Dear Me’ is no exception.


Alexis Holt meets Stacy Kirkland in a party and as first impressions go, this one was quite bad. But as both women are part of wedding preparations, they call it a truce for the sake of the future spouses. As time goes by, Alexis and Stacy realise that they have more things in common than they suspected and an unexpected attraction. Will their budding relationship survive a meddling family and their own hangups?

This book is a family comedy more than a romance. Even though the romantic part is essential to the plot, the story is more focused on the family dynamics of both main characters, especially Alexis, whose relatives are a hoot. You know whenever you pick up a book by this author that there are going to be hilarious characters. Alexis’s grandma and mother are a force of nature and together make a comical duo.

For me, what fails in this novel a bit is the romance itself, the main characters’ chemistry is just enough to make it interesting but there isn’t much tension to move the story forward. That’s why I wouldn’t call this a typical romance as it doesn’t follow the usual romance novel formula. That doesn’t mean that this book isn’t enjoyable, just don’t expect the love story to blow up your mind.

As I always say, a narrator can make or break a story and Lori Prince has definitely done a superb job to make this audiobook an entertaining experience. This is the type of story that Ms. Prince performs best: light, fun, and humorous. She brings all the characters’ quirks to life, and her take on Alexis’s grandma is hilarious. If you are in need of a laugh, I highly recommend this. 4.5 stars.

Length: 7 hrs and 13 mins Available with a Scribd subscription.

lesbian humor bookslesbian humor books


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