An entertaining lesbian interracial romance book

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lesbian interracial romance book

An entertaining lesbian interracial romance book

Review of ‘The Woman in 3B’ by Eliza Lentzski

This was an entertaining lesbian interracial romance book with a light premise that somehow leads to an exploration of discrimination against Middle Eastern Americans. If you are looking for an enjoyable, fun and hot read with some food for thought, then this might be your book.


Alice Kaminski is a flight attendant with a huge debt who decides to try to complete the secret company’s bingo card game in which she has to accomplish different tasks while in the air. One is to spill a drink on the passenger in 3B. The problem is that the woman in 3B is as mysterious as alluring and after meeting her, life will never be the same…

‘The Woman in 3B’ has an interesting premise which is an airline bingo to complete several tasks to win, like spilling a drink or joining the mile-high club. I admit that I wondered if this bingo was real or an urban myth and asked two close friends who worked in airlines about it. They said that they never heard of it but wouldn’t discard the possibility. Ultimately, real or not, the premise works ok in the universe the author created.

The author explains in her blog that she came up with the title after the post-World War II lesbian pulp fiction novel ‘The Girls in 3B’ by Valerie Taylor. Even though the similarities end up there, in the 1959’s novel the lesbian character has a happy ending, which was unusual for that time.

As you can expect from any Eliza Lentzski’s novels, there are lots of chemistry between the leads and hot sex scenes. Even though the ‘black moment’ at the ubiquitous 80% mark sounded a bit contrived, it was overall fun and entertaining to read and I hope it is eventually released in audiobook with Lori Prince as a narrator, as she read Lentzski’s ‘Don’t call me hero’. 4 stars.

lesbian interracial romance booklesbian interracial romance book

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